Instructor Jess 1200


Jess Shih(只提供英文版本)

Cataline Wen

Breakfast / morning ritual

Feed and give my cat a quick cuddle; depending on how much time I have, I try to eat a yogurt and granola or a protein shake before I head out the door.

Workout outside of XYZ / morning stretch

Lifting weights is my supplement to XYZ - it challenges my strength limits and gives me specific goals to work towards.

What’s your release?

I am a little gamer geek! Video games give me time to breathe and immerse myself into someone else’s imagination.

Go-to power snack in the afternoon

Fresh fruits or if I’m really tired, a nice cup of coffee.

Evening wind down

A big dinner with a glass of vino, followed by a quick roll-around on a foam roller. Sometimes I put on a face mask as well for some extra pampering.

Favourite going out place

Anywhere where there’s good food! Otherwise, I’m completely happy at home where I can recharge.

Go-to power song

Work Bitch by Britney Spears gets me in a dancy mood every time!

Favourite spin track

Jumps are my favourite spin track - it spikes the heart rate and turns the room into one big dance party.

Favourite spin move

I love to hover back - it engages the core, glutes and hamstrings all in one.