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The trick to staying on track(只提供英文版本)

Cataline Wen


You’ve only just returned from your summer holidays, the post summer workload starts to ramp up, kids go back to school and life starts to get busy again. Then you throw in all the eating that comes with the holidays and festivals coming up, and it can be hard to stay focused. Try these three tips to keep you on track when those parties come around.

1 - Keep your portions under control. No one said you can’t eat any moon cake, but ask yourself: Do you need to eat a whole one? There is no need to deprive yourself of mum’s pecan pie at Thanksgiving but just cut yourself a smaller slice.

2 - As we get to the last few months of the year, it is common for people to cheat themselves on their workout. Summer season is over, the boating season comes to an end it can be easy to slack off as you have told yourself your next challenge starts with the New Year. How about getting into a routine now? If you can manage to start it during a busy time for work and parties, you are already setting yourself up for success.

3 - If you overindulge don’t fall prey to watching movies on the sofa. Take your family or friends on a hike or to an XYZ class. Burn off the indulgence.