We go below, to find those connections to the earth, to life, to each other. We discover a sense of oneness, becoming a mere wave in a mighty ocean. Classes will be more functional, with skills and body alignment focus.

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Class types

Yogalates - A Good Foundation


A class that fuses pilates and yoga together. The class aims to break down the yoga asanas with some key concepts of pilates such as spinal movements, breathing and proper core engagement. A great foundation to make intermediate to advanced yoga asanas more accessible and practiced in a safer way.

Grounding your roots


Your roots are your foundation. In this class, you will work on the alignment, strength building and body awareness needed to prepare you to find the feeling of lightness to float into intermediate poses. The root of your practice takes time and patience, strength doesn't come easy. Put in the work and grit to discover a lighter side of your practice.

Ladder flow


Get a great sweat going while building strength, stability, and flexibility. Ladder flow is an efficient and modern practice with a central vinyasa to neutralize your spine while stacking new poses every round (ladder). Enjoy internalizing and learning new movement patterns and flows.

Yogi’s choice


A workshop style class focusing on learning specific themes of poses and movements. Progress safely and confidently using props with correct alignment to develop better mind-body connection.

Foundation for flexibility - “we are the moon”


Despite the seemingly intimidating perception of contortion everyone can practice this art form in their own way. This class aims to introduce the basic techniques used in contortion training, along with the strength conditioning exercises. Students can challenge themselves and practice under a safe environment with proper guidance.

The HIIT Crew


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is never this fun! We maximize your time and your power to train. In 'HIIT Attack' we train like the sports pros with the focus on all aspects in fitness: cardio, strength, endurance, agility, reaction, coordination and balance. Guarantee for results and a sense of success. What to prepare: - training gear (clothes and shoes) - bottle of water - hand towel For everybody and all fitness levels.

Urban Dance Beatz

Dance workout

If you love music; if you love to dance if you want to sweat while dancing.... Then this is the class for you! ‘Urban Dance Beatz' is an easy-to-follow dance workout with pop music. It's cool, it's fun and we sweat and dance, as one with a synchronized beat.

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