Anya Roschke

Anya XYZ instructor

Clip in, and expect the unexpected. With high energy, get ready to work and push what you think is possible. Your ability is infinite. Get ready to make a change in your outlook, and come out a little bit stronger than you came in.

About Anya

Anya’s love for fitness started as a competitive swimmer. However, when she discovered spinning, her outlook on fitness began to change. She began to find the love in it, with a drive to get stronger with each ride. Being clipped-in to a bike, sweating it out, began to become a place to find a release and explore what is possible. Anya cannot wait to join you on the bike to share her love for it and get stronger together.

“For every action, there is a reaction. Whatever you put in, you get out”

Life Quote

Whatever it Takes - Imagine Dragons

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