Joyce To

Joyce XYZ instructor

Chase the music, chase your dreams. Joyce’s vibrant energy will inspire you to push harder, grow stronger and become the best version of yourself. Get swept away by the endless possibilities of your mind, heart and body.

About Joyce

Growing up in Hong Kong and the UK, life has always been about balancing dynamic extremes for Joyce. Juggling the logical demands of a career in corporate law, on the one hand, and the creative freedom of managing a social media page, on the other (hit up her Instagram for food recommendations!), spinning is the sweet spot that keeps her balanced and grounded. Bringing together her rigour for detail and her admiration for artistic expression, Joyce feels the most free when she’s clipped in and sweating it out to one of her favourite tracks. Join her as she explores what it’s like to truly live, breathe and feel.

"Only you can make the impossible, possible."

Life Quote

Unforgettable - French Montana, Swae Lee

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