The vital thing to know about an XYZ class is it feels different, very different. It’s a world away from the traditional sports performance model served up by gyms. We focus on pleasure, not pain. We know that fun motivates faster than fear. We stimulate your senses in mysterious ways.


    CONCRETE CORE - This is an abs and core workout specifically designed to improve your core strength, agility and endurance. This will not only help you define your shape and looks, but also increase performance in your workouts and improve posture for overall health! Let’s chase results!

    DYNAMIC STRETCH - Let's get stretchy with yoga fun and challenging movement and poses targeting all parts of the body.

    LADDER FLOW - Level up your Vinyasa one pose at a time! Stack poses, transition smoother and build rhythm. Learn to link breath and movement to ignite your internal heat.

    YOGA STRENGTH AND BALANCE - A class catered to those who want to challenge their focus and awareness in dynamic balancing poses and funky variations. A good sense of balance also comes from strength and stability. Be ready to have some sweaty fun!

    YOGI'S CHOICE - A workshop style class focusing on learning specific themes of poses and movements. Progress safely and confidently using props with correct alignment to develop better mind-body connection.

    YIN FOR RECOVERY - Reset, recover, and relax into deep classic postures. Gradually open your mind and body through your breath for lasting freedom and lightness.

    VINYASA FLOW - BY KATT: Flow through the hour as you use your breath to help you get from one pose to the next, moving with your inhalations and exhalations. This Vinyasa Flow class will focus on alignment centered asanas (poses), pranayama (controlled breathing) and meditation. Get ready to challenge yourself while at the same time provide opportunities to quiet your mind, relieve stress and strengthen the mind-body connection.


    BLISSFUL STRETCH - A nice gentle flow that will stretch you from head to toe. This class will help you open up your hips, chest and more and leave you feeling blissed and rejuvenated for the day.

    FLOW AND LIFT - Flow and Lift is a mat-based, music-driven strength training workout. Using a combination of light weights & your own body weight, the dynamic movements will challenge your body and engage the mind like never before. The result is a sweaty and addictive workout that builds a long, lean and functional physique.

    PEACEFUL FLOW - Let yourself be moved not only physically, but mentally and emotionally through this gentle Vinyasa flow. We will connect and move with our breath, creating a safe space for you to just be, feel and unwind.

    RECHARGE & RESTORE - The first half of the class we’ll be moving through a fast-paced Vinyasa flow, followed by a restorative practice. That way you get the best of both worlds, the yang and the yin.

    SIGNATURE VINYASA - A strong flow guaranteed to get you breathing deeper, transitioning smoother, and entering your deepest physical expressions. Expect half or full inversions along with funky balances to challenge you. Designed for consistent practitioners.

    VINYASA FLOW - BY ANKIE: The invigorating and dynamic yoga practice focuses on the synchronization of breath and the continuous flow of movement between asanas. Vinyasa builds heat, endurance, flexibility, strength and mental focus. Meditation, mantra chanting and other sound practices may be included in each class.

    YIN YANG - Balance the yin and the yang elements within our bodies. Find harmony and peace. This practice combines slow paced yin yoga with the traditional yang yoga. Focusing on alignments, building power and heat while promoting relaxation and healing inside out.