Health Awaken the Warrior


Awaken the Warrior in you

Cataline Wen


Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice saying “I will try again tomorrow”.

You don’t have to be brash, bold and big to be a warrior, it’s about your mindset, not how loud you can roar. Recognising that warriors don’t just show up on the battle field but that they are present in all aspects of their life.


See obstacles as opportunities. Seek out challenges knowing that they could represent the greatest experiences in your life.

Gigi: “Last year I participated in the open challenge but I knew this year I needed to hold myself to a higher standard and expect more from myself as a competitor”.


Pay respect to your body, as how can your mind reach its full potential if you are not letting it sit inside a respected body. Foods are the raw material for our bodies so be conscious about what you put into it.

Gigi: “2 hours before the race, I fuelled up on a healthy chicken and avocado sandwich, banana and coffee”.


Your greatest accomplishments are always right on the other side of fear. Use fear as an energy source to drive you forward, not keep you down.

Gigi: “I thought my biggest fear would be to fail the monkey bars as this is what I stumbled on last year; but I realised it was my mindset, not my ability, that held me back. I thought because I am small I couldn’t conquer them. I proved myself wrong”.


Rise to the occasion, act with focus and give it your all. But don’t be afraid to steer course when your heart tells you it's time. Chasing a new path is not about failing but about knowing when it is time to let go and seek a new one.

Gigi: “I knew that the sandbags in the hercules hoist were heavier than my actual body weight. So I knew going into the race I needed to increase my muscle mass and build up my back and upper body strength. Then master the technique. I knew this would take all my strength and I was ready for it”.