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Statistics from last year showed that over 75% of doctors visits were stress related. These visits often turn into sick days or even worse chronic conditions which likely result in a dramatic drop in productivity. So what can you do for yourself, for your company or for your colleagues.

1 Create an open working environment where colleagues feel they can speak about workloads without feeling judged. An employee who feels like they can’t communicate, will often start to isolate themselves which can then lead to panic attacks. Try keeping an “open door” policy and help to encourage your employees further by holding roundtable discussions in which anything that may be on their minds can be discussed.

2 Ching Chi-Kong from the MHA (Mental health Association) states “Normally, Hong Kong people, think that they are too busy at work and feel a lack of energy after work. They say that they have no time or energy to do physical exercise. But we found that if people do more exercise, they have less depressive moods”. After conducting a study with the University of Hong Kong to study the effects of alleviating depression with exercise, they found that out of three types of exercise - aerobic, stretching and weight training - the only one that helped alleviate symptoms of depression was aerobic exercise.

Why not encourage a colleague or even your boss to join you at your next class? Or better still arrange for the team to get out of work early and do a group ride. Combatting challenges as a team leads to a better workplace environment. If you would like to find out more email

*Source - HK Magazine

3 Not all stress is bad, and some may even be necessary; people succeed in life by learning to overcome stress. It’s when stress overwhelms you that it becomes a problem. Think of stress like a violin string. If there is no tension, there is no music. But if the string is too tight, it will break. So it’s about finding the right level of tension for you - the level that lets you make music in your life. Try taking a 5 minute break every hour to get up and walk away from your desk, take some breaths and drink some water.