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Jacqui Shek

Cataline Wen

Breakfast / morning ritual

Playing music to set the mood off on a bright start for a new day, and a cup of coffee! I always have a book on me to read during commutes.

Workout outside of XYZ

Weight training is essential for a fitness trainer, but I also love yoga, hiking, kickboxing… always looking for something new to try out!

What’s your release?

If I must choose, aside from spinning; going wild with friends no matter what we do: singing, hanging out at a park, soaking up some sun!

Go-to power snack in the afternoon

I have a major sweet tooth so an açaí bowl definitely satisfies the cravings.

Evening wind down

I like a night drive to explore the town or stay home with my favourite show on Netflix.

Favourite going out place

From speak easy bars to concept restaurants, Hong Kong is a forever changing city that’s never worth settling for.

Go-to power song

Queen B, Cardi B and Lizzo any day, any time!

Favourite spin track

6 UP 2 DOWN!!!

Favourite spin move

Tap and push or Roll left and right.

Jacqui's Instructor Profile